Pictured here Migatobonito Edward P Scissorhands
Owned and showed by Eileen O'Dwyer
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Polydactyl simply means extra toes. Historically 40% of foundation maine coons had extra toes, but it is now rare and makes up a small fraction of the maine coon population. Most cat breeders are avid show goers and poly maine coons are only allowed to be shown in Championship class in New Zealand. The UK GCCF views the poly outside the standard of points with 'toes carried close, 5 in front 4 behind'. In TICA they can now be shown in the championship class.

Poly kittens can have extra toes on the front or back or both.
Gina Wild below has extra on the front whereas Blizzard and Avalanche have mittens on the front and extra toes on the back.


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Migatobonito P Lampawghinni

Colour Orange Eyed White 
Polydactyl Maine Coon 2WD

SMA & PKD Negative by parents
HCM N/N Parents

Date of Birth: 2nd May 2013
Breeder Maria Bryant

Below age 6 months 
now very solid and heavy like his dad - Migatobonito Cielo Celeste


Lampy Show results:


Ragtime TICA, Peterborugh UK, September 2013


14 merits New Traits Best Maine Coon Polydactyl
Lampy has now retired and is living in his forever home in Scotland.

Migatobonito PP Avalanche

Colour Blue Eyed White 
Polydactyl Maine Coon 4WD

Sire:  Dynamicats Snow Drifts
Dam: Firedevils Gina P Wild
HCM Negative
SMA Negative

Breeder Maria Bryant

Known as Snowy and has full hearing.

img_9455Age 8 weeks


Age 6 months
with her sister Frosty

TRIOsizeThe three sisters


May 2012


Snowy (left) and img_2087her sister Frosty
May 2012 (below)


Firedevils P Pink Floyd

German Floyd is a big fat teddy bear who took three years to produce any kittens so we wont keep him for stud for too long. 

Red classic Tabby & White 4 WD Poly
Born 17 January 2012
Sire - Dynamicats Snowdrfits
Dam - Firedevils Forever P In my Heart

Felv/ Fiv Negative Blood test 2012
HCM Gene test negative January 2013
Gene test negative January 2013
PKD Gene test negative January 2013
Echo Scan Normal June 2015

Breeder Tanja & Matthias Boegemann (Germany)



Floyd has been shown in TICA as a New Traits and secured merits as follows:

Ragtime TICA June 2012 - Peterborough UK - 12 merits
UK TICA Alliance July 2012 - Brigg UK - 10 merits

Ticked Tica Cat Club September 2012 - Stevenage - 16 Merits

Migatobonito featured in the advert for Championship status in 2014.


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