Boarding FAQs


  • How do I make a booking

Bookings can be made by email, Facebook message or phone however you will need to complete a booking form for your first stay but not each cat before an invoice can be emailed to you. Subsequent bookings can be made by phone. 

  • How do I pay?

A deposit of £40 is required to confirm your booking and the balance is due 21 days before your holiday starts. Cats cannot be left if the holiday is not paid for. This is in line with the cancellation policy.

We accept cash or bank transfer. At the moment we do not have credit or card facilities.

  • What are the opening hours?

The cattery is open to cats 24/7 but for visitors, check-in and departure we are by appointment only during the times below.

Monday -Friday 0930-1100 1700-1800

Saturday 0930-1200

Sunday and Bank Holidays closed. ( We close Xmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day when this is not a bank holiday and falls at the weekend.


  • My cat is on medication is this a problem?

We are happy to administer medication for our guests, please let us know of any special needs at the time of booking. You must bring a 'pill popper' for this to be administered or purchase one from reception. Tablets will not be crushed and a pill popper must be required. We do reserve the right to take your cat to our vet if it becomes aggressive or unable to have the medication administered and any fees will be payable on collection. There is a charge for this and you will be asked to sign a form telling us about the medication. 

  • Does my cat require vaccinations?

Our guest’s health is paramount. All cats must have a current and valid vaccination certificate for cat flu and enteritis. Current means you can show evidence of the primary course and the yearly boosters. Certificates are requested at the time of booking and copies are taken to comply with our license requirement. We are unable to accept cats without current up to date vaccines. If you are unsure if the vaccine is valid send a copy or discuss this with your vet in advance of the holiday and ensure any boosters are given at least 14 days before checking in. If a booster is due during your stay it is advisable to have this early before arrival.

  • Does my cat need flea or worming treatment?

We also require confirmation that all guests have received flea and worming treatment in the last 4 weeks prior to checking in and the name of the preparation used. Supermarket brands are ineffective so please consult your vet for a resistant treatment. PLEASE REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE FLEA AND WORM TREATMENT AND ADVISE ME ON CHECK IN. Some vet prescribed treatments are 3 monthly however you will need to sign to state the name of the treatment and that you have applied it and the date,

If internal or external parasites are found on or in a guest, by signing this document you agree that your cat can be treated in line with vet guidance and you will be liable for the costs related to this treatment. This will need to be reimbursed to Migatobonito on checking out from the resort.

  • What if my cat gets sick when I am away?

If your cat becomes unwell during their stay I will first try to contact you or your emergency nominated contact person and keep you updated. Our vet is on call and may need to be taken into isolation. Migatobonito is not liable for any costs associated with the vet care of your cat and all fees are payable on departure.

An emergency contact number MUST be provided.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

Full payment for all bookings is required 21 days before your stay. YOU can cancel up to the 21st day but the deposit is not refundable. Cancellations with 21 days before your stay will occur full payment of your fees.

If your booking is in less than 21 days full payment is required and any subsequent cancellation entitles you to no refund.

Please do ensure you read the cancellation policy if you wish to make changes to your booking. No refunds are due if you cancel after 21 days.

* Deposits are not transferable to another booking *

* To change the dates of your booking is subject to a £10 admin fee *

  • How do I get updates during the holiday

Please follow the facebook page and an update can be given by Whats app. I provide daily updates via whats app with pictures on all days but Sundays and bank holidays

  • Should we bring toys and beds?

You are more than welcome to bring your own blanket, bedding to provide a familiar smell. Please no items of personal clothing. Carriers and transportation boxes can be left in the luggage store if collapsible or in the cats resort. However we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage during this time. If bedding is soiled and time permits I will wash your bedding; due to time constraints this may not always be possible and therefore I will bag this ready for your collection.

  • My cat has never been in a cattery and is very nervous

Not a problem, KittyAngel prides herself with her patience, care and expertise in making all guests feel relaxed, special and cared for. Even the most nervous cat will settle in no time at all. We use Pet Remedy products for guests and a little cat nip toy and cuddles will have them relaxing in no time at all.

  • My Cat only likes certain beds and bowls?

You are welcome to bring anything you need to make your kitty feel comfortable. However Migatobonito cannot be responsible for any damage during your stay.

  • My cat doesn’t like other cats?

That is not a problem as your cat is safe from seeing other cats or coming into contact with them as the resorts are fully UPVC double glazed with full height panels and frosted glass. Cats are not allowed to mix from different households.

  • Should I bring a cat carrier?

Yes please bring your cat safely in a cat carrier. It is a condition of the cattery licence that cats must arrive in a carrier. You are welcome to leave this as there is luggage space above each cat resort for folding carriers and others can be accommodated in the resort or just outside. They hopefully wont be needed but are there in times of emergency. Cats cannot arrive in arms or on a harness. 

  • I Understand You Also Breed Cats, Can We Look At Some Kittens When We Drop Off Our Cat?

I’m afraid this is not permitted. Breeding is in my home and the licensed boarding unit is not connected to our home. You may see one of the neutered cats as you walk to the boarding cattery as we have a fully enclosed cat garden where our own cats can play. My own cats do not enter the boarding cattery. Whilst my cats are sociable I am unable to spend long periods waiting for guests to leave due to enjoying the cats as this distracts away from looking after my paid guests!

KittyAngels guidance to having a good holiday.

Dont forget to check the following BEFORE you arrive at the resort.

  1. Bring a suitable cat carrier to transport your kitty
  2. Ensure you have signed the boarding terms and conditions
  3. Make sure that a UK emergency contact number is provided to the KittyAngel and is on the terms and conditions form
  4. If you cat needs medication giving then please bring it with you and clear instructions from your vet
  5. If your cat is on any prescribed food or special food, please bring enough for the duration of your stay
  6. Dont forget that you have indicated a time to check in and if you dont make this time i may not be available as i may be helping other guests. Try to stick to the agreed time. If you are unfortunately going to be late please do ring or text message and not facebook message so that i am aware.
  7. Bring your cats vaccinations card. This must be completed 2 weeks before boarding. Cats must have a primary course and yearly boosters to be classed as up to date.
  8. Make sure you have took your cat to the vet for flea and worming treatment and this is in the last 3/4 weeks. You need to let KittyAngel know the date and brand used and i will ask you to sign a form to say that this has been done. 
  9. If you prefer to bring a blanket or small bed dont forget this.
  10. Finally, relax and leave the worry to the Kitty Angel as your kitty is off to their own sunny resort to be pampered and have afterPurrnoon tea.