Kiki is a sweet girl with an excellent profile and temperament.
Kiki showed as a kitten in Orleans France and we hope to see her out a few times as an adult before she is mated.

Colour - Black
Born May 2016
RW SGC Cloistercoon JFK of Wistariantale (USA)
DGC Wistariantale Bewitched (Italy)

Felv/FIV Negative October 2016
HCM negative April 2018
SMA - Negative April 2018
PK Def Negative April 2018
HCM Echo Scan Negative October 2017

Photos of Kiki with her first husband Versace who is now living in Australia

Kiki delivered her first kittens on the day of the Manchester disaster involved the Ariana Grande concert. Her first litter was named in memory of this.
Scooter and Ariana stay here