KittyAngel prices

Licensed with St Helens Council AB 57 - 4 stars ****

Our resorts are large and built to the new Animal Boarding regulations Higher Standard 2018, large and perfect for one but large enough for two guests.
We also have three interconnecting suites to allow up to 4 guests from the same family to share.

Rates are charged per day as we have an intensive clean between guests, every cat wants to feel as though they are the first guest in that suite

Prices effective for new bookings from 1st September 2022


£ GB per day

One cat


Daily Mini Bar

£3 Per day per resort

A La Cat menu

£6.50 Per day per resort

A La Cat menu & access to the Mini Bar

£30 - 7 day duration per resort

SPA - Full body Groom (First visit)


SPA - second groom if monthly


Cat Reiki Session 15 mins


Purr-Toe Rico Resort (see breakdown of facilities below)

£6.00 per day upgrade

Administration of Medicines

Please check terms for cost of pill poppers.

Microchip insertion during your stay


Microchip insertion as non boarding cat


A Deposit of £40 is required before a booking is final
and the balance is due 21 days before your stay. 

If the deposit is not paid within 7 days of the booking or arrangements have not been discussed your resort may be made available to other guests.

All-inclusive - what our prices include
All inclusive standard menu (Royal Canin Sensible) DRY FOOD ONLY Is PROVIDED, Choose the upgrade or bring your own wet food.
Feeding bowls, dishes and paper plates, napkins and placemats
Filtered Water
AfterPURRnoon tea with mini bar treats
Twice Daily maid service and on demand
Daily coat refresh and groom
En-suite toilet (Biodegradable wood litter) or for our more delicate kitties they are welcome to bring their own
Interactive toys, with balls or tunnels
Cat nip toys to take home
TiggaTowers Climbing Tree
Visual stimulation with mood lighting and nightly disco
Quadruple glazed balcony with views of Cluckingham Palace and option to purchase chucky eggs on check out. Daily entertainment from the yellow coats.
Bedding is provided but you are welcome to bring something from home so there is a familiar smell. 
Climate controlled bedding area with air conditioning in summer, individually controlled to each resort.

Whats NOT included:
The A La cat menu inc wet or raw food is not included in the all -inclusive menu.
If you wish for your cat to have raw food please pick the A La Cat menu.
Mini bar

Days booked include the day of arrival and day of departure and are chargable.
For very short stays we have a minimum charge per booking of 4 days and this covers deep clean sanitising of our resorts between guests.

Rates are charged per day as we have an intensive clean between guests, every cat wants to feel as though they are the first guest in that suite.
During Easter, this is extended to 5 days and in August and Xmas/New Year this is extended to a minimum charge of 7 days per booking 
All bank holidays are double rate of the above. Double rate also applies on 25/26 December and 01 January.
Purr-Toe Rico Resort
This is one of our sunniest resorts overlooking our bird feed santuary to stimulate your kities during their stay. 
It houses a truly luxurious day bed and access to an ipad interactive games.
Daily Spa and full body groom is included as is the A La Cat menu and free access to the mini bar, with all meals served in the resort on china kitty dishes. 
Also includes 15 min Reiki Session 

Spa and Body Groom
Option to upgrade during their stay to a gentle undercoat removal and waterless coat massage and refresh. 
A gentle eye and ear cleanse and to finish a coat and skin revitalize with a herbal remedy conditioner. 
To finish there is a complimentary mini bar treat and a toy.

Mini Bar upgrade
A choice of daily treats Dreamies, Whiskas temptations, Felix goodies, Lik-i-lix yoghurt and treat sticks cut into bite size chunks.

Play is always included and we do not charge for extra play sessions as i have seen some catteries offering. Play is tailored to suit each cats needs and if they need more or less then this is provided. 
As we have a high standard licence, written daily behavioural observations are carried out on ALL cats and this is sent to you via Whats app after your stay.  

I am happy to administer medication for our guests, please request a price dependent on the frequency of the medication however if your kitty is cheeky and causes a fuss then we ask you to view the terms that agree to me getting a hand from my vet so that the medicine is not missed.
Please let me know if you have any special needs or dietary needs, we do cater for disabled guests and happy to make adjustments as required. 

If you kitty is not used to Royal Canin DRY food and prefers others, we also stock the following:
Whiskas dry biscuits
Purrina One dry biscuits
GoCat dry Biscuits
Concept for Life
it is impossible to stock all brands so we only stock the most popular. You are welcome to bring your normal food for your kitty clearly labelled and this will be given to him/her during their stay.

A La Cat Menu
There is the option to upgrade for a day or the the full duration of your stay if you wish for somexing special during your stay.
A La Cat food is served in the comfort and privacy of your own resort at a time to suit.
Choose from any of the following or a selection over the stay.
  • Cooked steamed mince (KATKIN)
  • Raw meat turkey skewers
  • Freshly cooked white fillet of fish - simple but delicious and tasty
  • Simply chicken - cooked roasted chicken cut into small bite size chunks
  • Seafood medley - mouthwatering combination of succulent mackerel and tuna
  • Prawn Platter - selection of cold water prawns (Please ensure your kitty has tried this before ordering)