Coronavirus update

For the past few months Corona Virus is all that anyone is talking about and toilet rolls!  Especially small businesses and those due to go on holiday.

It goes without saying that the health of the nation, our friends and family are of upmost importance. We all know that we need to look after each other.

For those that have only just started working for themselves or have just started there business it could be the difference between the business collapsing or not.

The prospect of massively reduced income, not paying the mortgage, worrying how they're going to feed the fur kids - that is real stress!

In light of the recent Government advice COVID-19 I have decided to temporarily change the Drop off & Collection procedures to reduce exposure. I am implementing additional safety measures to help minimise the potential spread of the virus within the cattery.

Could I please request that if any owners or their immediate relatives are suffering from symptoms they do not to come to the cattery.

Payments can be made via bank transfer before you arrive.

Please make sure emergency contact details are up to date. If you're away and possibly held in isolation I may need to contact someone.

Hand sanitizer will be provided for all customers to use on entering the reception and i will take the cats basket and place in the boarding resort.

All guests will be taken and collected from their owners in the reception rather than accompanying them to their resort. I will settle them in their room. 

If you do need to cancel your cat’s holiday because of the virus, please be aware of the cancellation policy and please do give me as much notice as you possibly can. I may be able to fill your space.

Terms and Conditions relating to Cancellations.

Cancellations up to 14 days before your stay will occur full payment of your fees. Cancellations prior to 14 days, you are not required to pay however the deposit  is non refundable.

As these are extreme circumstances many of you will have travel insurance and this may cover the cost of boarding. I am more than happy to provide a receipt for charges due. Hopefully this situation won’t last long and your travel company may change your flights. Therefore I am happy to move your reservation to an alternative time in the year however this is for a new booking and not to an existing booking.
As a small business i have no income until the travel industry starts again so i look forward to all cats and kittens coming to support me later in the year.

Just keep in contact as the situation is changing daily. It may be that your holiday is cancelled and I hold the reservation in abeyance until a new date is booked. I still want my kitty cuddles so hope to see the cats. We still have the UK for holidays!

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation; let’s hope this situation doesn’t last for very long.

I have a new voucher scheme "Pay now use later" where you can pay towards a future holiday with me. Contact me for further details.